Is your prayer life need focused or God focused?

Oftentimes, we are looking the wrong direction in prayer: we look to our issues, focusing our attention and prayer on them when what we need most is to keep our eyes on the Lord--seeking Him for Himself--and not necessarily on what He can do for us. It is in seeking Him and His presence, in desiring to stay with Him in the secret place, that answers are provided, needs are met, and “all things added to us.” We must practice having times in the secret place that are just about the two of us and our relationship- leaving our cares at the door.

A truth to consider, is that our desire follow our attention. Meaning, if we prioritize time with Him, our desire for time with Him will increase. Conversely- when we constantly put our attention on our needs, focusing on our worries, our problems and crises, and persist in approaching the throne of Grace with our loads, only looking for relief (even though we should be free to do this as needed)--we miss opportunities to truly draw close to God. When our attention is focused on our need, our desire is then focused solely on the answer the Lord can provide for us, and not Him alone. In being need-focused instead of God-focused, our desire to know Him and our opportunity to increase in love for Him is diminished.

We can daily make the choice to lay our troubles and needs aside and seek the Lord above all, setting our attention on Him first thing in the morning, and spending times of fellowship with Him in the secret place throughout the day. Our desire for Him will follow our attention, and it will become our greatest delight to fellowship with Him. The needs of the day and for our futures will be met by our heavenly Father during our times in the secret place.

Matthew 6:33: “Desire and seek first God and God alone, His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”